How Do Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

While getting teeth whitening done with a professional is beneficial, there now exist several options for patients who wish to whiten their smiles! Kits for whitening teeth make it possible to whiten your teeth, directly from home. They also provide a less expensive option for those who are concerned about costs.

This article will break down some of the more common questions that our patients have asked at our Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, and Stuart, FL dental practices.

What Are Teeth Whitening Kits?

Teeth whitening kits provide whitening gel for in-home application. The whitening gel is often based on hydrogen peroxide (more commonly known as hydrogen peroxide). The concentration of the gel in kits is more basic than that used by dentists for teeth whitening , and this because of a law in force. 

In-home kits, the application of gel is achieved through bands, pens or pipettes. This makes the kits different by their exposure time. However, their common point and this one is not less. They will make you all teeth whiter.

Are There Other Teeth Whitening Options I Can Do at Home?

Yes! Today, in addition to dental care, there are more and more systems to apply the products that will help us whiten our teeth. Some of the more common ones include the following:

  • The whitening pens: They are smaller and more compact than kits but attract more and more because they are very easy to use. Generally, these pens do not contain hydrogen peroxide but a whitening agent and an accelerator that mimic the action of peroxide. They can be used daily and this allows a better result.

  • Bleaching strips: These “stick” on the teeth and just let them act for about 30min. They are very effective because their application allows a homogeneous distribution of the whitening product. Then, in the background, they work like pens. They release the whitening product directly on the teeth.

  • Gutters: the light gutter remains the flagship principle of dental whitening at home. They allow a short treatment in time but more effective. They usually work with hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent. It is activated by blue light and allows better penetration of the whitening product.

  • Dental bleaching bulbs: Still little known in the tooth whitening market, they are useful when you are looking for targeted whitening on some of your teeth. It is necessary to impregnate a sponge of the product contained in the bulb and to pass this sponge on the teeth for approximately 10 seconds by teeth. 

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Worth It?

As we have seen, dental whitening kits are an excellent alternative to find a bright smile of whiteness and are an inexpensive option for traditional teeth whitening. However, we must remain vigilant about the chosen product as well as the terms of use. Do not go headlong and buy the first kit that comes to our attention. The teeth and everything in our mouths are part of our health, so we must take the utmost care and information. 

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