What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is an operation whose result is not valid for life. After the tooth whitening period, they rejuvenate again but will be whiter than before treatment. To regain a bright smile, it will be necessary to redo a treatment.

What Are Some At-Home Solutions to Whiten My Teeth?

People who have yellowed teeth due to daily coffee or tobacco consumption should not worry, because there are several tips for whitening teeth to have a beautiful all-white smile. A teeth whitening kit can be purchased at a pharmacy. The product gets into the teeth and whitens them from the inside. To penetrate products in the teeth, there are two techniques: that of the gutter that requires the use of a bleaching kit. Thanks to these types of equipment, the product penetrates alone in the enamel. It only takes 2 or 3 weeks of daily applications to have pristine teeth. The second technique for self-bleaching is to apply strips. These whiteners are to stick on the teeth for about an hour.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Today’s society is always looking for beauty, and some people want to improve their physical appearance to feel good about themselves. To achieve this, many adults are more interested in orthodontics to optimize their smiles and get a better masticatory function. When it comes to teeth whitening, even when brushing your teeth with 2 or 3 daily brushings and flossing once a day, that’s not enough to keep your teeth white. To restore radiance to the smile, it will be necessary to resort to the whitening of the teeth.

What Factors Contribute to my Teeth Changing Color?

Several factors intervene in the color change of the teeth. Consuming colored drinks and foods containing color pigments called chromogens is one of these factors. The colored pigments are found in several products such as tea, coffee, red wine, dark soft drinks, dark fruit juices such as grapes, cranberries, curry, tomato soup, and beets. The colored pigments are easily attached to the enamel of the teeth. Age can also contribute to the evolution of the color of the teeth. Over the years, the outer enamel decreases and reveals the naturally yellow hue of the dentine. 

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