The Role Of Bone Reconstruction In The Placement Of Dental Implants

The Role Of Bone Reconstruction In The Placement Of Dental Implants

In older patients, and especially if it has been some time since they lost their teeth, an implantology treatment requires previous bone reconstruction processes. We are specialized in performing all types of bone reconstructions, especially those that require a more complex approach. In addition to hampering implant insertion, bone loss is decisive in progressive facial aging. With the passage of time, changes such as sinking of the upper and lower lip, vertical wrinkles on the lips, shortening of the height of the face, growth of the soft part of the chin or accumulation of submental fat appear.

With this, we find patients whose facial appearance does not represent their age, which obviously influences the external image they project and their self-esteem. Therefore, apart from considering the loss of bone from the functional point of view, we have to take into account its aesthetic and psychological consequences. Fortunately, thanks to advances in both implantology and surgical bone regeneration techniques, we can give people a smile and a little youth, always from the premise that the most important thing is to improve their oral health, an element key to overall health.

From this perspective, when the patient comes to the consultation, the specialist determines how the bone regeneration treatment should be. There are people who require a minimum contribution to base the implants, but others require complex reconstructions. Therefore, in many cases it is sufficient to redo the lack by mixing biomaterials with the patient’s own plasma. In others, it will be necessary to extract bone from other areas of the body in order to provide the necessary consistency to the structure of the mouth. In any case, the diagnosis made by digital techniques, for which we have the most advanced equipment, will determine the most appropriate reconstruction treatment. Bone reconstruction techniques used in many cases are mandibular bone reconstruction, grafting, block grafts of mouth, nasal and maxillary surgery.


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