Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a sleep-related disorder that causes frequent pauses in a person’s breathing at night. Unfortunately, sleep apnea has been linked to a range of health conditions like type two diabetes, heart disease and weight gain. Most patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea may have assumed that their only treatment option was with a bulky, uncomfortable CPAP machine at night. Thankfully, there is a simple dental appliance that can be worn to open the upper airway and alleviate sleep apnea symptoms.

What dental treatment is available for Sleep Apnea?

A small, comfortable oral appliance can be worn during the night to help with sleep apnea. This device works by opening the upper airway, allowing you to breathe easier while you’re asleep at night. In order for the device to be effective, it’s crucial that it be worn each night. The appliance is made to fit your mouth comfortably and can last for years before needing replacement.

Why is Sleep Apnea treatment needed?

Treatment of sleep apnea can help to alleviate the problems that come along with the disorder. For example, patients with obstructive sleep apnea complain of exhaustion, low energy, weight gain and insomnia. By treating the condition using a simple, effortless method, you can prevent and alleviate all of these symptoms. Many patients have found that the oral device that helps treat sleep apnea is much more comfortable than their CPAP machine.

What to expect when having Sleep Apnea treatment?

A thorough consultation with our doctors is required prior to having any treatment administered. Impressions are then taken of your teeth and mouth to create a custom oral device. This device is then fitted to ensure it’s comfortable and we will give you instructions on how to properly wear it. It’s imperative that the device be worn every night so that it works to help your sleep apnea. If you notice the device showing signs of wear and tear, it’s important to have a new one made for you to wear.

If you have sleep apnea and are trying to find a good treatment option, call our office today and we’ll help to get you in for a consultation appointment.

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