CT Scanner – Vatech Green CT 2

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A CT scan is a special radiographic image that is typically used to see the entire mouth and jaw. It is often needed before more invasive procedures where a knowledge of the bone structure and nerve pathways is essential in diagnostic treatment.

The image produced allows us to see bone structure, soft tissue and nerve pathways that may be necessary in treatment planning. We use the revolutionary Vatech Green CT 2 to conduct every one of our CT scans in-office. This is s an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining imaging processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging.

What makes you a good candidate for a CT Scan?

The Vatech Green CT 2 uses a very minimal amount of radiation to produce a high-quality image. Having the scan done is incredibly comfortable and quick. In fact, most patients find a CT scan to be easier and less invasive than typical intra-oral dental x-rays. The scan is done in just a few seconds and an image is produced immediately for us to review.

What happens during a CT Scan?

To begin the scan, we’ll drape a lead vest over your shoulders to refract any radiation. You’ll be instructed to stand in the middle of a machine and place your chin into a convenient chin rest. The machine then circles around your head, all the while taking a detailed image of your mouth, teeth and jaw. The image is immediately displayed in-office for us to review. The scan is completed in a few seconds and is essential in diagnosing certain dental conditions and planning for more invasive procedures.

If you think you may need to have a CT scan done or would like to know more about the equipment that we use, call our office so that we can answer any of your questions.

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