Crowns and Replacement

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Dental crowns are designed to cover an existing tooth, protecting remaining structure and improving the overall look and efficiency of your smile. Crown replacement is necessary after an existing crown has become damaged, worn or loose. You may need a crown if a tooth has broken, cracked or has recently had a root canal. Crowns are durable, long-lasting restorations that can last for decades with proper care.

Why would a Crown be needed?

Most often, a crown is necessary if a tooth has become compromised in some way. The tooth might have broken, fractured, chipped or cracked and is now rough, jagged or unsightly. The dental crown is matched to your existing dentition for a flawless, realistic look. The crown procedure itself can be done in under an hour in our office and normally requires two visits to complete.

What makes you a candidate for a Dental Crown?

To determine if a dental crown is needed, you’ll need to come in for an exam and consultation. If you already have a crown, we can check to see if it needs to be replaced. Older crowns that have cracked or broken or are showing signs of significant wear and tear should be replaced as soon as possible. If the tooth underneath the crown has become decayed, it may need to be extracted and a fixed dental bridge or implant placed.

What can be expected during the procedure for a Crown?

You will first come into our office and have the tooth filed down to make room for the new crown. If you already have a crown, it will be removed carefully and the area underneath cleaned. Impressions are done to create the new dental crown and you’ll go home the same day with a temporary crown. You’ll then come in for another appointment so that the temporary crown can be removed and the permanent one placed. Your new dental crown can last you for many years and enhance the overall look and feel of your smile.

If you’re in need of a new crown or are looking to replace an existing one, call our office today and our helpful staff members will be more than happy to help you out.

What is Involved in Getting a Crown?

Dr. Eakins discusses the process of getting a crown for your tooth.

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