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A fixed dental bridge is used when there is a tooth completely missing. Most often, a bridge consists of three teeth, two of which are attached to surrounding teeth. The middle tooth, known as the pontic, replaces the missing tooth by simply sitting on top of the gum in that area. Bridges can last for years and even decades with proper care and dental hygiene.

Why are Bridges needed?

Most often, a bridge is necessary if you’re completely missing one or more teeth. Bridges are customized to each patient, so your bridge may contain more than three teeth as needed. The restoration can enhance your existing smile and replace teeth that have been missing. This can help in restoring your confidence when it concerns your smile.

What makes you a good candidate for Bridges?

The beauty about the bridge procedure is that no oral surgery is required. This makes it a viable option for many patients wanting a surgery-free alternative to replacing a missing tooth. Bridges rely on surrounding teeth to hold the restoration in place, allowing for the fixed bridge to last for many years. Before having a bridge placed, you’ll come into the Riverwalk Dental Group for a consultation and examination.

What can be expected during the Bridge procedure?

You will first receive local anesthetic or sedation of your choosing. The two surrounding teeth next to the area where the tooth is missing will be filed down. This makes room for the new bridge to keep it firmly in place. Impressions, or molds, will then be taken to create both a temporary and permanent bridge. You’ll go home the very same day with a temporary bridge over the area. You’ll then need to come back to have the temporary one removed and the permanent bridge placed. Slight adjustments may be required to ensure your brand new bridge is sitting correctly and feels comfortable. Your new bridge can last you for decades with proper care.

If you think you need a dental bridge or want to replace an existing one, call our office today and we’ll work to get you in for an appointment.

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