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The LightWalker Laser System:

At Riverwalk Dental Group, we offer the LightWalker Dental Laser which is designed to focus on both hard tissue and soft tissue dental treatments. The LightWalker laser system uses waves of light that remove hard or soft tissue. This laser is very precise and only removes damaged, decayed, or excess tissue. This system allows our team to preserve the healthy tissue and surrounding tooth enamel during oral procedures.

Dental Laser Used On A Patient

Soft Tissue Treatments:

The LightWalker system is used to perform advanced gum disease treatments and deep cleaning such as scaling and root planing. This system can also reshape the gum line and remove excess soft tissue as needed.

Hard Tissue Treatments:

The Lightwalker system helps to remove any decay or damage to teeth painlessly. This helps our team prepare for many dental restorations or cosmetic treatments that include fillings, crowns, and veneers.

Benefits of the LightWalker Laser System:

• Healing time is reduced
• Reduced infection risk
• Increased precision during treatment
• Minimal discomfort
• Shorter treatment time
• Stitches are typically not necessary

SWEEPS (Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photoacoustic Streaming):

The SWEEPS laser treatment creates non-thermal photoacoustic shock waves during cleaning and root canal treatments. During root canal therapy it is difficult to clean and sanitize the complex root canal systems, and disinfect the walls and tubules.
This laser helps to deeply irrigate the hard to reach canals and sub canals during root canal treatment. This process is patient friendly, and does not use any heat. The SWEEPS laser has the ability to remove virtually all bacteria present to clean and disinfect the area during a root canal.

Laser Aesthetics:

Lasers have become essential in dentistry, and at Riverwalk Dental Group, we strive to provide our patients with the latest technology. Using the LightWalker laser we are able to provide our patients with the latest tool to treat teeth and gums. The laser eliminates pain that is typically associated with most dental procedures, and provides precise treatment for many of our services offered.
During cavity removal the laser has the ability to only remove what is decayed without damaging any healthy areas of the tooth. There is no need for needles or to numb any area surrounding the tooth with this state of the art laser. The LightWalker provides a quiet and effective treatment, and the healing time is decreased.


NightLase is a state of the art laser treatment to minimize or reduce snoring and sleep apnea. The NightLase laser is able to modify the oral mucosa tissue at the back of the throat causing a tightening effect. This opens up the patient’s airway making it easier to breath. This also reduces the vibration of the floppy palate. NightLase treatment helps patients get the relief they need. The procedure does not require anesthesia, is quick and effective, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Benefits of NightLase:

• Snoring is minimized
• Sleep is uninterrupted
• Pain and recovery are minimal
• Provides instant relief for patients
• Procedure is done in office


The LightWalker laser provides laser tooth whitening for patients seeking a bright white smile. The TouchWhite laser provides fast, gentle, and minimally invasive tooth whitening treatment for patients. Using bleaching gel, the laser activates the gel on the tooth’s surface providing bright white teeth in less time.
Typically this type of tooth whitening treatment requires two visits. The first visit will include making impressions of your teeth to create custom trays. The second appointment will include the tray fitting and whitening treatment. Your lips and tongue are protected during treatment, and at home instructions to care for your teeth and trays will be discussed. The TouchWhite whitening treatment is the fastest and most effective teeth whitening system available, giving patients a bright white smile.


The TwinLight laser provides treatment for patients that suffer from periodontal disease. This minimally invasive periodontal therapy is more effective than traditional scaling treatments. The TwinLight laser has the ability to use light-based technology to clean and disinfect the gums and areas around the teeth where bacteria collects.
This treatment is comfortable and safe, making it a great choice for patients of all ages with periodontal disease.
TwinLight treatment removes diseased tissue while destroying bacteria and plaque. This treatment also seals the pocket after treatment to prevent bacteria from entering in the future.
During laser surgery the TwinLight laser can clean periodontal pockets, and helps promote gum healing. The laser has the ability to move gum tissue to help cover teeth that have been damaged from gum disease.

Benefits of TwinLight:

• Minimally invasive and more comfortable treatment for patients
• Precise cleaning
• Fewer complications
• Laser helps to lower risk of infection

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